26 October 2016

SPOONFLOWER New Designs For Sale

It's been a while, hey? Last spring I was feeling BURNT OUT. Like, would throw random stuff in a lunch box for my kid and call it lunch. It was bad. I decided to take the summer "off". (Considering I am a stay at home mom, "off" is relative.) I stopped sketching, reading, watching movies. Thankfully, most of our commitments slowed down over the summer because my volunteer mojo was running on E.

I spent most of the summer in my garden and at the pool. My brain needed to shut off and my body wanted to move. I even *gasp* started exercising again. It was good.

After settling my two older kids into school, I've been creating and drawing and making every day. I am full of inspiration. I hope to share more, but for now I wanted to share that some of my designs are now for sale in my Spoonflower shop.

Watercolor Geometric Swimming Pools Blue - (Feel free to be blown away by the originality of that name) I think this would look fantastic printed on canvas and made into a pool bag. Can you just imagine?

 Friendly Pinata - This one is on my list to order as gift wrap. It's perfect for any occasion!

Moonlit Garden - This pattern was made for the Spoonflower contest held with Sprout patterns when they premiered the Asaka Kimono by Named Clothing.

Floral Onion - I still adore onions. Sorry, husband.

Tale of the Ocean -  My personal favorite of the bunch. I think it is because my daughters love mermaids so much. It's interesting how much they influence my work.