19 May 2016

SPOONFLOWER CONTEST Bucketfeet Shoes Design Challenge

I'm happy to announce that my entry in the Spoonflower + Bucketfeet Shoes design challenge was accepted and is now up for voting! The prompt for this challenge was 'Ocean Conservation'. I often feel overwhelmed when confronted with such a huge issue. It feels insurmountable and I start to believe that my efforts are so negligible in regards to the problem that I may as well give up. Does this happen to anyone else?

When I feel doubt creeping in I imagine the world as I wish it to be. I imagine clean oceans and endless possibilities. Suddenly I am filled with hope and renewed optimism. My entry for this contest reflects that. The ocean in my design is a place where anything is possible, even mermaids.

Head on over to Spoonflower to vote!