15 April 2016

Wrappily Earth Day Contest

Hello, Friends!
It's been a while. I've been designing and sewing in spurts while keeping up a steady stream of Downton Abbey bingeing. Priorities.

Today I wanted to share something new with you. Have you ever heard of Wrappily? Wrappily is a company that makes recyclable wrapping paper. It's hard to believe that wrapping paper is not recyclable, but it usually isn't. My little tree huggin' heart hurts to think of it.

In the past couple of years I've become very aware of how much trash my family makes and the impact we make on the earth. Cloth diapers, cloth napkins, fabric "paper" towels, bulk groceries, cloth wipes and the like are found all around my house, often to my husband's dismay. (He has drawn the line at "family cloth". Google that. I dare ya.)

When I found out that Wrappily was hosting an Earth Day Contest for designers I knew I had to give it a go! Well, voting is open, friends. Head on over to the Wrappily Contest page and you can vote for my two entries.

The first entry is called Summer Garden. We are trying our hand at our first organic garden this year, so I've been dreaming of vegetables and compost and rain barrels. Add in a dash of bright color and this design is perfect for any occasion.
My second entry is called Vibrant Vidalia. Onions are a divisive food in our house. I looove them. My husband does not. I decided I could have as many onions as I wanted if I made them into a pattern, so this is my take on the beauty of this awesome veggie.
Thanks for checking in! Have a great weekend!

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