08 January 2016


One of my favorite childhood memories is listening to music with my dad. The time we spent riding around in his truck singing along with Paul Simon's Graceland meant so much to me we actually danced to 'The Boy in the Bubble' at my wedding. Seeing as I was a dance major in college I choreographed a fun dance for us and I think we, along with many of the wedding guests, laughed our way through the entire thing. To give you an idea of how serious this "dance" was, the "Sprinkler" was one of the moves we used... liberally.

When I first saw the Spoonflower Weekly Contest Theme of "Rock and Roll" I was pretty stumped. I'm just not a Rock and Roll girl. The closest I come to it is my affinity to wear all black. Uh oh. Then remembered my dad's generation of rock and roll and the afternoons I found him listening to a few vinyl records when I was a girl.

 This pattern, For the Record, is a tribute to the good old days and my good old Dad.

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