29 January 2016


A couple of weeks ago I entered Spoonflower's Pinata contest. Here is my entry called 'Friendly Pinata'. I had a lot of fun making it and would love to see it on wrapping paper. I'll let you know when my swatches arrive and it is for sale!

12 January 2016

MUSIC LOVE Tal And Acacia

Lately I've been thinking about the messages, stories, and words I let into my mind every day. There is so much noise out there and so much of it is negative. To tackle this a little bit at a time, I am trying to only listen to music with a positive message. For me this is music that focuses on God. That sounds as boring to me as it might to you. Finding Christian music that really grabs me is tough. Luckily I came across this group called Tal and Acacia.

Here are a couple songs we're loving:
Garbage In - My preschool aged son is fascinated by this song. We've been talking about how what we allow into our minds affects us and molds who we are.

Wake Me (Noah Song) - Beautiful. I can't even tell you how much I love this song.

Yahweh - A sweet song that echos my own heart call.

Give them a listen and let me know what you think. Any other groups you recommend to nourish your heart and soul?

08 January 2016


One of my favorite childhood memories is listening to music with my dad. The time we spent riding around in his truck singing along with Paul Simon's Graceland meant so much to me we actually danced to 'The Boy in the Bubble' at my wedding. Seeing as I was a dance major in college I choreographed a fun dance for us and I think we, along with many of the wedding guests, laughed our way through the entire thing. To give you an idea of how serious this "dance" was, the "Sprinkler" was one of the moves we used... liberally.

When I first saw the Spoonflower Weekly Contest Theme of "Rock and Roll" I was pretty stumped. I'm just not a Rock and Roll girl. The closest I come to it is my affinity to wear all black. Uh oh. Then remembered my dad's generation of rock and roll and the afternoons I found him listening to a few vinyl records when I was a girl.

 This pattern, For the Record, is a tribute to the good old days and my good old Dad.

Head on over to Spoonflower to vote in the Weekly Contest.

07 January 2016

Beautiful Obliteration

Remember the time I ripped out all of the carpeting in my house? When my husband and I were moving our entertainment center, we found a couple years worth of Duplos, marbles, and random toy pieces underneath it. We cleaned it out as best we could, but after we slid the unit out of the way we found a pile of the strangest looking crumbs. It looked like a jelly fish had died in the middle of our family room. What the...?!?! 
Now, I've seen a lot of strange messes during my years as a mother (and I have to ask, "Is this chocolate or poop?" more times than should really be allowed), but I'd never seen anything like this. I put on my mama armor, (In case you are not familiar, this is the armor that let's a vomit-phobic mother catch barf like a champ and keeps me from gagging when I have to wipe snot bubbles.) and poked the crumbs with my finger.
To my relief, it was just a bouncy ball. An obliterated bouncy ball, that is. The weight of the entertainment center had decimated the ball into a pile of the most beautiful crumbs I'd ever seen. I scooped the mess up and set it in our windowsill because even though it was destroyed, it was just so lovely.
Have you ever been through something really tough? Like, something that makes you cry most days. Makes you develop an eye twitch. Makes you fall to your knees in prayer because you can't see where it's all leading?
I've been reading the book of Job in the Bible and it's got me thinking. Maybe we are a lot like the bouncy ball in those times of trial. We may be completely obliterated, shattered into pieces, but if we let God work in us he can use it to make something beautiful. The whole bouncy ball was ordinary and boring, but put under pressure it became something captivating and extraordinary.
Let this little ball encourage you, Friend. Let the pieces of your life show your beauty. Let the trials of your life expose the extraordinary within. The best part is, we do not have to stay in pieces like this bouncy ball. There is a God who can turn our mess into something better, something new, unexpected, and whole. Amen.

05 January 2016


If you'd like to vote for my next pattern, 'Window Whimsy', in the Window Spoonflower Weekly Contest head on over to Spoonflower. I fought and fought myself while making window patterns and this hand drawn geometric is where I ended up. Take a look at all of the other gorgeous patterns while you are there. This has got to be one of my favorite batch of contest entries I've seen so far!

04 January 2016

Spoonflower 2015 Year in Review

For the past 6.5 years I have been deep in the waters of motherhood. Mothering small children is exhausting. And rewarding. And exhausting. I feel like I have been swimming and swimming, keeping my head down and doing the hard work, just to survive.

Seven years ago I gave up dancing, because a beautiful, little baby girl stole my heart.
Seven years ago I gave up thinking of myself first.
Seven years ago I gave up nights out and sleeping in.
It has been the best almost 7 years.

I gave up many things because I didn't want to give up.
Motherhood is intense and in order to keep swimming I had to let some things slip out of my hands. I couldn't keep afloat while clutching all of those things that really didn't matter. It was a hard decision, one I regretted and beat myself up over many times.

However, 2015 marked the start of a new part of my life.  I swam hard and clutched at every life preserver thrown my way and I have reached the shore. My youngest is almost 2 and my years of trying to merely keep my head above water while mothering babies have come to an end. I made it.

Because of this I am so excited about this year. There is so much possibility. With gratitude for where I've been, I am celebrating the start of a new season.

Today I want to celebrate a small victory of this year and toast to the new year to come. Head on over the the Spoonflower Blog to check out their 2015 Year in Review. You'll see me there under the First Time Weekly Contest Winners!

Happy New Year, Friends! I am celebrating the victories, battles, journeys, and moments of last year with you today and look forward to all of new ones we'll face this year.

By the way, you can now find me over on Instagram!