30 November 2015

The Double Chin of Love

One of the nerdy things about me is I enjoy thinking about things from a new perspective. If I want to know more about something I research it, then research it from the opposite perspective. (The fact that I research everything also says a lot about me. It's a sickness. I'm pretty sure.)

I think it is one of the reasons I am enjoying dabbling in surface pattern design so much. In order to create something original and interesting you must think about the subject from a new perspective. It's a fun challenge every time I put pen to paper and I never know where my mind will lead me.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my one year old got a hold of my camera and I found this gem of a picture last night. This is a portrait of my husband and me from her perspective, double chin and all. Finding this was equal parts horrifying (Did I mention the double chin?) and reassuring (We look so happy!).

It reminds me that we always have the choice between two perspectives: positive, optimistic, encouraging or negative, pessimistic, unflattering. Sometimes the two blend together, like in this photo. An unflattering angle showed me more about the love in my life than a good selfie would any day. There was a lot of love this day, both behind and in front of the lens. Nothing beats that.

Despite the negatives I encounter in life, I hope I can send more positivity, optimism and encouragement out into the world every day and I hope I can encourage you to do the same, friend.


  1. Children are so awesome right...say yes...So glad I have you guys as positive examples of family.
    Much love,

  2. Great perspective. :) And really, I don't think you have a double chin...it was likely because you were looking down.