13 October 2015

PERSPECTIVE Breastfeeding A Toddler

Photo by Ashley Black of Fantail Photography
Last summer Ashley from Fantail Photography took this picture of me nursing my last baby. She is now almost 22 months old and still breastfeeds. My other two children weaned at 14 months and 18 months, so this is uncharted territory for me. This little girl has been a champion breastfeeder since the night she was born. She latched on for the first time through my sports bra by herself while I was holding her. I joke that everything is all or nothing with her. This girl gives everything 100%.

Though I have breastfed three children for a total of almost 4.5 years, I had a realization last night. 
When she is nursing, I look down at her and see dark eyes and little hands rubbing the ends of my hair for comfort. I see a content toddler. I always see the same thing: her.

But, she looks up. When we are outside, she sees blue sky and clouds. When we are at the mall, she sees busy people walking to and fro. When we are at home, she sees a familiar place filled with the people who love her. She sees the world around me. She sees the world around me.

At the center of her perspective is me. At the center of her world is the love and nourishment flowing between us. No matter what happens around us, I am there with loving arms and a whisper to calm. So today I remember that her perspective of the world is framed by me, literally and metaphorically. I hope I am up to the challenge.

A Gentle Reminder: Not all mamas can or should breastfeed, but they are still the center of their child's world. To all the mamas who did not breastfeed, you too have hands to feed and soothe. You have lips to kiss and whisper. You love your baby just as much as I love mine. We are in this journey of motherhood together and you are doing a great job.

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