18 September 2015


EATING  Honeycrisp apples.
DRINKING  Apple cider.
PRACTICING  Daily personal worship.
MASTERING  The art of raking leaves.
LEARNING  Adobe Illustrator.
TRYING  To declutter the house. (Marie Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up reinvigorated me.)
PLAYING  With duplos. My toddler thinks I am a master architect.
FINISHING  My paper piecing tree that I started for. ev. er. ago.
READING Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way by Jennifer Lee.
REMEMBERING  How much I miss my school days.
WEARING  Scarves.
COOKING  For a family of five. Hardly any leftovers these days!
WORKING  When the toddler is asleep, which is almost never.
TRAVELING  By bicycle, foot and scooter on the way to school.
WANTING  A Wacom tablet.

Post inspired by Bleubird.

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