17 September 2015

Reflections on Preschool Dropoff

My son started preschool two weeks ago. The first day I was the only parent left waiting in the grass because every other child wanted to be walked in by his/her parent, while my son told me to stay by the car. He loves preschool. He waits for half an hour by the door each preschool morning asking me if it is time to go yet.

Before he headed in to school this morning he gave me the biggest hug and kiss a four year old could. His tiny arms and damp lips left little impression on my body, but deep impressions on my heart. We said our goodbyes and waved and grinned at each other his entire walk up the ramp to the door. I can't get his proud, dimpled smile out of my head.

Filled to the brim with love, I watched other mamas hug their little ones tight and wish them well in the few hours we are separated. Each child is loved. Each child is missed. Every now and then I have a moment when I feel the deep connection to all other people on Earth and I had one of those moments this morning. We are all just a bunch of preschoolers being hugged by our mamas. The only difference is we grew up.

So I want you to know this: I love you, fellow preschooler. No matter what you chose to be when you grew up, I love you. Here's a hug for you from a mama, even if not from your mama.

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