30 September 2015

MY ARTISTIC VISION Charity [Part Eight]

(If you missed the beginning of this series, check out parts onetwothreefourfivesix, and seven.)

I have been looking forward to writing about this core value for weeks. I am talking about the value of charity. I knew as I explored my core values charity would play a major part in my artistic direction, but Anne Morrow Lindbergh's chapter entitled "The Beach At My Back" in Gift From The Sea captured so much of my heart on this topic. Let me share a bit with you.

Lindbergh talks about our "planetal point of view" these days. While tools like the internet can bring a world of beauty and inspiration and friendship to our fingertips, we are also deluged with the knowledge of a world filled with pain, hunger, illness, and need. As Lindbergh puts it, "The inter-relatedness of the world links us constantly with more people than our hearts can hold."

There are so many in need, in pain, in fear. My husband and I often talk about how we want to help everyone and it can paralyze us from helping anyone. Lindbergh offers so guidance on this. She writes, "When we start at the center of ourselves, we discover something worthwhile extending toward the periphery of the circle. We find again some of the joy in the now, some of the peace in the here, some of the love in me and thee which go to make up the kingdom of heaven on earth."

I can start with me. I can start with showing charity to myself and finding the good in my heart. From there I can figure out what is dear to me, for example doing as much as I can to protect our beautiful earth. There are inks and papers and foods and so many other choices that affect our planet. I can show a bit of charity to the world with each simple choice.

One final thing I want to make clear. I am excited to list charity in my core values, not because I am a master at this, but because you can help keep me accountable and heading toward where I want to be. If the foundation of my artistic life is built with a cornerstone of charity, it will always be a part of every piece of art and every decision. This is so very important to me. I am not sure how exactly this will play out, but I am excited about all of the possibilities.

So here is my list of core values.

1 --- Simplicity
2 --- Solitude
3 --- Balance
4 --- Storytelling
5 --- Freedom
6 --- Selectivity
7 --- Charity

These seven values will inform my artistic vision and the direction of my artistic work. Thanks so much for sticking with me on this journey and check back in next week to see where it is all leading next.

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