23 September 2015

Keep At It

Yesterday I spent the hours while my son was in preschool doing laundry, washing dishes, picking up around the house, sorting clothes, vacuuming and the like. My toddler followed me around like a tiny pup and even managed to help put the cleaning rags away by herself. By the time we had to leave for preschool pick up the house was spotless.

When we got home my toddler decided to boycott lunch and throw pearl couscous all over the dining room floor (and if you've ever tried to pick that stuff up you know it's not fun!). She drowned our end table and peed on the couch. I was less than thrilled.

All that to say, there are days when all of our efforts seem to be in vain. But take a closer look and there is still a story of beauty. I am not much one for chores and housekeeping, yet I enjoyed doing those tasks for my family yesterday. I prayed for them and thought about them all morning. Each book I set on the shelf reminded me of sweet bedtime snuggles. While folding my husband's shirts, I prayed for his day at work. A dirty towel thrown in the wash was evidence of a day spent outside in the wonder of nature with my kids.

Today my sketches aren't coming out right and I can't get Illustrator to behave, and yet I am happy to be creating. My ideas are flowing and the coffee in my mug is hot. I hope you can find the upside in your journey today, friend. Keep at it and amazing things will happen.

Happy Fall!

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