08 September 2015

INSPIRED BY Winterthur

One of our last summer adventures was a visit to Winterthur. My eldest served as our tour guide since she had visited last school year with her class. This was my first visit and I had no idea what to expect. Walking in the gorgeous, expansive gardens was like stepping into the setting of a novel. Deeply inspired, I felt like there were characters and stories hovering just at the edges of my vision and my imagination.
I would have liked to lay down in the shade of one of the towering trees and listen to the wind tell me the tales of all that the old trees have witnessed.
However, I had three little ones to keep me on the move, so we visited the Enchanted Woods before our house tour.
Though my kids' little legs protested at all of the walking we did that day, not a whine was heard in the Enchanted Woods. They loved exploring and touching the magical little spots in this nook of the garden.
It is amazing to hear the story of the du Pont's and how their lives shaped the area. I cannot imagine the Delaware Valley without their influence, both the good and the not so good.
I like to think that these gardens represent the good to which the family, and we the visitors, aspire.
We are not perfect, but we can all try to add a little more beauty to the world. We can all use the gifts God gave us to bless others and cultivate a deeper relationship with the nature all around us, the creation calling His name.
After our walk in the gardens, we toured the house. Du Pont created a museum, almost by accident, through his passion for collecting.
Did you know when hosting a dinner du Pont started not with the guest list or menu, but the floral arrangement? 
I can understand this desire to focus on the details that mean a lot to you. I can also understand this impracticality and it made me feel comforted to know I am not the only one who often does things slightly out the normal order.

I live in a small house (compared the the du Pont mansion) on a small plot of land, so my spirit and my eyes enjoyed the freedom to roam the expanse of the Winterthur hills.
But, I think we can all put as much time, effort and pride into our own home. A detail added in love can make a difference in the environment of home and family.
I hope I can steal a morning or two away from the family this fall to take myself on an artist date to nourish my creativity. My inner storyteller can't wait to return to this beautiful space.

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