05 August 2015

Stretching My Jeans, Stretching My Mind

I just remembered I have to practice having good ideas.

There is nothing like the almost electrical zing of a good idea. It makes me feel as if glittering stars will shoot out of my fingertips and my mind is as wide as the sky.

Like any obsessive passion, pattern making has been on my mind constantly. My husband asks me, "Are you alright?" and I tell him my scowl is just me trying to sort out my next pattern in my mind. I've even started dreaming about surface patterns. It's bad.

I feel like I am stretching my mind. See, I had this pair of jeans that I loved before I gave birth to my third child. Since they were my favorites I wore them every day through my first trimester, then the second until I finally outgrew them in the third. After giving birth and I returned to a somewhat normal size and was surprised that my jeans were too big. It sounds like a new mama's dream, but in actuality I had slowly stretched the jeans out, day by day.

I am hoping the same thing happens to my mind. If I push myself creatively a little bit every day my mind will be bigger and more open and more practiced with good ideas after a while. It is not easy, but I love a good challenge.

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