26 August 2015

MY ARTISTIC VISION Balance [Part Four]

This week I've been reading the chapter entitled "Double Sunrise" in Lindbergh's Gift From The Sea. (If you are just starting this series with me here is part one, two, and three.) What a gift this chapter was to me. Let me share a few quotes with you:

"Two people listening to each other, two shells meeting each other, making one world between them... And then how swiftly, how inevitably the perfect unity is invaded; the relationship changes; it becomes complicated, encumbered by its contact with the world."

"One resents any change, even though one knows that transformation is natural and part of the process of life and its evolution."

"...functional relationships tend to take the place of the early all-absorbing personal one. But woman refinds in a limited form with each new child, something resembling, at least in its absorption, the early pure relationship... one sees again the magical closed circle, the miraculous sense of two people existing only for each other..."

Lindbergh has captured the struggle of many a relationship. We often fight against the natural progression and stages of a relationship, fearing that something has been lost if things are not the way they were before. However, we can re-find a bit of that honeymoon glow in our relationships and in our creative work, as long as we are willing to recognize the temporary nature of this rekindling.

The only way to have a relationship existing permanently in this state of honeymoon bliss is to the exclusion of all other relationships. What a loss! It is the same in our artistic work. In order to experience the bliss of fresh pen to blank paper or the infinite possibility of a new project just begun, we must have a break from our work to balance the needs of life. Additionally, stepping away from my work for a bit rekindles my excitement and joy when I am in a rut.

I find I can lose myself in creating and drawing, but this state is untenable artistically and unfair to my family. I, in particular, must take care to balance my artistic endeavors with my family life. Three little people and one patient husband also need of my time and attention. Balance is the best of both worlds.

So here's where I stand so far:
1 --- Simplicity
2 --- Solitude
3 --- Balance

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