17 August 2015

Create, Create, Create

CREATE// Years 3 - 23
In my former life I was a dancer. This morning I was thinking about how my years of dance shaped my tool, my body, into a strong, supple instrument with which to create my temporary art. Dance is not tangible or lasting. It is performed and then it is gone. During these years I worked with a permanent tool and a temporary art.

CREATE// Years 24 - 30
Just a few years after college I started my motherhood journey. After nine months of work, I created something permanent - a person! In the process my tool, my body, was permanently altered as well. Permanent art, permanent tool.

CREATE// Years 30 +
These days I am working with pen and pencil and paper. My temporary tools run dry or get sharpened into useless nibs. The toddler chews my paper into oblivion. Temporary tools, however, my patterns are permanent.

The fabric I order can be held and, this part is even more awesome, turned into something new. I've never created a piece of art that can so easily inspire the next piece of art, a quilt or dress or wall hanging. What a thrill to see this transfer of artistic energy.

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