14 July 2015

The Best Hospital Window View Ever

My father had hip replacement surgery yesterday. In all likelihood, this is a gift of genetics that I will one day be given as well, so I was trying to look at the bright side while visiting him.

I used to work in the city that his hospital is in, so I decided to open the window to see if I could spot my former office building.

Best decision ever, because I was rewarded with the best hospital view ever. The graveyard. Once I stopped laughing at the irony, ("Well," thought the hospital patient, "At least I'm not out there!") I noticed how beautiful the pattern of the cemetery was.

Please pardon the terrible photography, but I just had to share.

My dad is recovering well and is doing his best to come home with a cute nurse of a girlfriend. My mom is mortified.

If the food's not good, Dad, just remember at least you're not out there!

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