30 July 2015


Another week, another pattern! This week for the Spoonflower Challenge the theme was "Goats" with a restricted color palette. Originally I had planned to skip this challenge because 1. I don't care for goats and 2. I don't care for the palette. Then one evening I was sketching a hill pattern that just begged for a goat and voila!

The Hilly Billy Goat pattern was created. The final version looks quite different than it did in my sketchbook, but I am glad I made it because, just after it about killed me, making it taught me a lot. This is my first Scale/Clamshell pattern with each mountain/clamshell layered in as a separate piece. Phew!

This was the palette I was working with:

I don't often choose to work with green or yellow, so I am excited to see how the other designers worked with the palette. If you would like to vote for The Hilly Billy Goat visit the Spoonflower Contest Page.

It is fun to see how this

and this

[Terrible picture and all!]

can create a fun pattern!

Also, Spoonflower is hosting a giveaway to Bonnie Christine's Roost Tribe (of Going Home To Roost) along with $100 in Spoonflower credit. Click here to enter!

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