02 July 2015

Paper Piecing and InvisiGRIP

I started quilting a little over seven years ago after a lifetime of swearing I'd never quilt. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting under my mother's cutting table playing with fabric scraps and threads. Though I learned how to sew at a young age, I was resistant to quilting on my own, probably because I spent one too many loooong afternoons in a quilt shop. Then a month or two before my first niece was born I wanted to make her a quilt, quite inexplicably.

Considering I am now a fourth generation quilter, my mom was thrilled. She helped me choose my fabrics and we decided to make a quilt similar to the first one she made: my very own baby quilt. From that moment on I was hooked. However, I've also been pregnant, breastfeeding, and raising little children ever since that point, so I haven't been able to quilt as much as I would like.

I still have a lot to learn and today I am trying my hand at paper piecing. My mom taught me how to get started one rainy afternoon, so I brought the project home to keep plugging along. That being said, one of my least favorite parts of quilting is cutting out the pieces. Not only is it tough to make that first cut into a fresh piece of fabric, but when my ruler slips (gasp) my inner perfectionist pretty much has a mini-meltdown. Enter: InvisiGRIP.

I mentioned my frustrations and my mom gave me some InvisiGRIP she had on hand. I tried it out and it works! I'm not sure I am going to get any dishes done now since I want to cut all the fabric! Do you see it in the picture below? It is a thin film of plastic (it feels like vinyl) made by Omnigrid that adheres to the back of your ruler.

The Invisi-grip "sticks" to the fabric as you cut and I can't believe the difference that little bit of resistance made. I am excited to add this to my other rulers and the best part is that it is removable. (If you are looking for it you can buy it on Amazon.)

I'm off to finish the next paper piecing section with my perfectly square pieces!

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