07 July 2015

INSPIRED BY Online Beauties

An uncluttered corner of my workspace
As I have been purposefully nourishing my creativity, I have slowly realized the importance of the beauty in my environment. My brain feels cluttered if the rooms in my house are cluttered. I can't concentrate on drawing if there is a mess. The motivation to keep my home not only beautiful, but personal and inspirational, is something I must foster in myself each day, otherwise I am bogged down in the struggle to keep a home neat with three little ones.

Here are a just few online sources of inspiration that I enjoy. I love the personality and beauty that each of these sites offer.

1 --- zilverblauw - A fun instagram account that satisfies my craving for color.

2 --- inthefunlane - The blog that gave me the final push I needed to buy white couches. I love her style and zeal for all things fun.

3 --- Manger - The recipes, the photography. Try not to drool.

4 --- Darling Dexter - Her sweet patterns are a dream. (Check out her instagram feed as well!)

5 --- Cloistered Away - Beautiful words and photographs from an artist/mother's perspective. Her approach to motherhood really inspires me to enjoy each moment.       

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