26 June 2015

Spoonflower Sample --- Oh Bee Hive

Here is one last little sample. This is my first design called Oh Bee Hive on Basic Combed Cotton.
It is a simple little pattern, but I can see it playing well with other fabrics in a quilt.

Spoonflower Sample --- Hipster Hedgehog Hello

For the Spoonflower Hedgehog Contest a few weeks ago, I tried my hand at a more lighthearted design. This is my Hipster Hedgehog Hello design on Minky. It is so soft my toddler took off with the sample and I almost didn't get it back!

Spoonflower Sample --- Brave Mermaid

Here is another recent sample. This is my Brave Mermaid design on Satin. The way the light reflects off of the fabric makes it look like the mermaids are truly swimming in water. I just might make a set of pajamas for my daughter!

Spoonflower Sample --- Sandcastle Stripe

Mail from Spoonflower is my favorite! A few more samples arrived this week. I tried a few different fabrics this time and the quality of each of them has been great.
Above is my Sandcastle Stripe design on Linen-Cotton Canvas. This would be great for a heavy duty beach tote. Seeing my designs on each of the different fabrics has my mind spinning with all of the possibilities. Putting the right design on the right fabric makes such a difference.

12 June 2015

Afternoon Sketching

Ahh, the joy of an afternoon spent sketching. Today the kids and I are stretched out on a blanket enjoying the sunshine with notebooks in hand. I'm sure I will spend more time drawing Transformers and princesses than any of the ideas bouncing around in my head, but nothing beats their delighted squeals.

10 June 2015

First Spoonflower Sample --- How About Two Cents

I ordered some fabric with my How About Two Cents design from the Spoonflower Pickles Weekly Design Contest. This is the basic combed cotton and I will admit that I carried the fat quarter around in my purse for about a week. That was me holding you up at red lights as I was gawking at my fabric. Since my oven mitts have a few holes I am planning on making a couple of pot holders soon. There is something so thrilling about seeing your own design on fabric!