14 May 2015


This week I entered my second Spoonflower contest and this time the theme was pickles. Seeing as I am just starting on my surface pattern design journey I am still searching for my signature style.

I began with a pattern using the most vague of pickle influences. In my home I love subtle pattern and muted colors, but honestly, I think the pattern was a little boring. Doctor's office waiting room upholstery, anyone?
Then I tried my hand at an Andy Warhol-esque pattern. I have always loved this look, but it didn't feel like me.
Next I used my prior pregnancies as inspiration and made a pickles and ice cream pattern. I think it turned out okay (though the colors are a bit strange), but again... it wasn't me.
Finally, I took some of the sketches I made during a gorgeous afternoon to make one final pattern. This one incorporates my love of canning and my own hand drawn pickles. I think I am finally seeing a pattern (pun totally intended). It turns out I like the sketched look. I like the personal touch it lends my work. Though it is never, ever even close to perfect, it is mine. So, I named it How About Two Cents and called it a day. (Anyone recognize the title reference?)
Go here if you would like to see it in my Spoonflower shop.

Happy Thursday!

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