29 April 2015


EATING  Apples.
DRINKING  The last of the decaf coffee in the house.
MASTERING  The art of leaving the baby's room without the floor creaking.
LEARNING  It's okay to make mistakes.
TRYING  To avoid library late fees.
PLAYING  With a few new ideas in my mind.
FINISHING  A long day.
READING Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers. Again.
REMEMBERING  How invincible I feel in the Spring
WEARING  Tight pants. Guess I've been eating a bit too much butter!
COOKING  Cheese pizza for my girl.
WORKING  On my first pattern collection.
TRAVELING  Back and forth to school. Is it summer vacation yet?
WANTING  A full night's sleep.

Post inspired by Bleubird.

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