06 February 2015

Valentine's Day Tags

I like to keep Valentine's Day simple in our house. This year I made some tags to attach to little gifts for my family.

My kids are crazy for bandaids, so I slapped a tag on a box for each of them and called it a day. Valentine's Day bandaids. I'm pretty sure it's a thing.

The kids got elbow deep in paint, glitter and glue to make Valentines for their friends. I think that was my true act of love. Those jars of glitter are so deceptive. You think to yourself, "The jar is so little. It won't be that bad."

It is.

I won't even tell you the places I've found glitter.

If you would like to use the tags, just click on the picture below to save the file. You can then print it out on some cardstock, cut out your favorite tags, and attach to a gift for a loved one. Just avoid the glitter.