20 January 2015


Since my baby is turned 1 year old this weekend, I thought I would share a few of the items that have made her first year a little easier. Today we'll start with newborn preparations and check in later this week for 0-6 months and 6-12 months.

BABYWEARING  Moby wrap. For newborns I like to use a Moby wrap. It takes a little practice, but babies love to be close to Mama and it keeps my hands free.

CLOTHING  Basics. I recommend buying mostly onesies and footed sleepers (or twosies, as my husband calls them) with a few sleep sacks. Newborns want to be comfortable and warm.

HYGIENE  Socks (As mittens). Did you know that babies can be born with long fingernails? I didn't and my firstborn gave herself a scratch on her cheek during her first night. I've found that the mittens they sell pop right off, so instead I use newborn socks. Bonus tip: Skip the baby nail clippers and use a nail file. It's much less scary! This is the glass one I use.

CLOTH DIAPERING  Covers and prefolds. Rumparooz, Imagine and Thirsties covers are my favorites for Newborns. I recommend this book. It is everything I spend hours on the internet figuring out in one cute, quick, little package. I chose to go the most economical route use mainly prefolds/flats and covers, but look around because there are lots of options.

BREASTFEEDING  Accessories. Cloth nursing pads are great to have on hand to catch that unpredictable newborn baby milk and a good pump comes in handy as you are establishing your milk supply. I've used this one in the past (better for working, pumping mamas) and this one (covered by my insurance and works fine for me when needed). A little lanolin can go a long way for soreness while nursing and a glass water bottle will keep you hydrated. I like to use a bracelet that I switch from wrist to wrist to know on which side to start nursing when I am running on little sleep. Also, grab a good book for those long nursing sessions.

SLEEPING  Aden and Anais Swaddle and Pack and Play. Aden and Anais Swaddle blankets are so soft and are perfect for swaddling babies who like to feel confined. They also make great nursing covers since they are so large. When baby is sleeping in your room, an inexpensive pack and play is a great option. We used the bassinet for our newborns and use the pack and play when travelling until around age two. This is similar to the one we used for all three babies.

MAMA  Leggings and Maternity Shirts. If you are like me, you won't realize how much and yet how little your body changes once baby is born. Buy some stretchy, cute, comfortable clothes you can wear before and after baby is born. Shirts with easy access for breastfeeding are ideal. The last thing you need when caring for your newborn is pressure to fit into your clothes.

ADVICE  Find one thing that makes you feel like you. For me, it is a shower. If I can shower, I can handle just about anything. Whenever I have a newborn I make sure to shower every day and I let myself relax for that time, even if it is only 5 minutes. As long as baby is in a safe place, like a crib or in someone's arms, she can cry because I can't be a good mama if I don't take care of myself. Find that one thing that does that for you.

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