21 January 2015

NESTING 0-6 Months

In honor of my daughter's first birthday I am sharing a few of the items that made her first year a little easier. Yesterday we talked about my recommendations about what baby items to use for a newborn. Today let's take a look at a few of my favorite items for 0-6 month old babes.

BABYWEARING  Ergo. An Ergo is my favorite carrier to use when baby grows out of the Moby wrap. (Also, I joined my local chapter of Babywearing International to learn how to safely babywear. You can attend any meeting for free to learn, try out carriers, and ask questions. OR you can join for the year for $30 and borrow one carrier a month from the lending library to see what carriers you like best before you invest the money.)

HYGIENE  Nosefrida and Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps. Babies get sniffles and bulb aspirators are breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. The Nosefrida is the most effective tool I've used for clearing baby noses. I also love Dr. Bronner's Baby-Mild Magic Soap for my babies. There are tons of bad ingredients in traditional baby products and this is an alternative that I trust.

SAFETY  Convertible Carseat and Bouncer. We've used this car seat from newborn to 50 pounds, both rear and front facing. A simple bouncer is great for keeping baby safe when you need your hands free. I used mine mainly when getting dressed and brushing my teeth. We used an inexpensive, light one that I carried room to room as needed.

BREASTFEEDING  Nursing bra and tank tops. A good nursing bra is a great investment that you will use every day. Tank tops layered under your shirt help keep you covered when you are out and about.

ADVICE  Every new mama wants to keep her baby's new baby book updated, but the newborn fog is relentless. I hang a blank calendar to jot notes on each evening about new milestones. I transfer all of these dates to the baby book when my head is clear, but I never miss a milestone.

WHAT TO CONSIDER  These items aren't essential, but can make your life a little easier.
Stroller  We used this one. It folds up small enough to fit in a tiny trunk and is more durable than an umbrella stroller.
Swing  A simple swing was my son's favorite place to be, but my youngest had no interest in it. Consider borrowing a friend's first to see if your baby would like it.
Pump  When I was working this pump was my best friend, but I have not used one as frequently since becoming a stay at home mom. Your insurance may cover one so give them a call.
Boppy  Either you'll love or hate a nursing pillow, like the Boppy. It can be a godsend for an exhausted mama's arms, but look around for the best brand for you.

Tub  Bring baby into the bath or shower with you
Crib Bedding  If baby sleeps in the crib, all you need is a fitted sheet. Avoid the fancy bedding to keep baby safe. We like sleep sacks to keep baby warm.
Changing Table  I lay a blanket on the floor. It takes up less space and prevents any falls.
Bumbo  Many babies don't like them and you can use a bouncer or high chair to do the same thing.
Bucket Car Seat  Wear your baby and save your back. Those things are heavy and you will only end up buying another carseat when baby grows out of it.
Travel System Stroller  If you are not using a bucket car seat this stroller is just a big, bulky hinderances. Skip it.

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