13 November 2014


EATING  Grilled cheese. Comfort food on a cold day.
DRINKING  Water. Always.
PRACTICING  Patience with a 3 year old.
MASTERING  Babywearing.
LEARNING  Surface Pattern Design in Adobe Illustrator. (Check out this awesome class by Bonnie Christine.)
TRYING  To squeeze more hours out of my day.
PLAYING  Peek-a-boo like it's my job. Oh, yeah. It is.
FINISHING  Wedding clean up.
READING  The Attack by Yasmina Khadra
REMEMBERING  To sweep the floor. A monumental task for me.
WEARING  Thick, warm socks.
COOKING  A little better each day.
WORKING  On my bible study.
TRAVELING  Back and forth to school a lot these days.
WANTING  A dream kitchen.

Post inspired by Bleubird.

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