04 December 2014

MAKING Jewelry

My father, my 5 year old daughter, and I worked on some jewelry together this weekend. Now that I have my own family I do not get to spend as much time with my dad as I would like.

Both of my parents have always been creative and love to learn how to make new things, so it is very important to me to teach this life skill to my children as well.

I am just learning the ropes, but my dad is always encouraging and patient. He trusts my artistic instinct and teaches me to do the same. Above all he always reminds me that creating is about the joy of the experience and learning what to do better the next time.

(These earrings are handmade from vintage pocket watch gears. You can check out our Etsy shop here if you would like to see more.)

17 November 2014

My First Repeating Pattern In Illustrator

I did it!
Here's a peek at the first repeating pattern I made in Adobe Illustrator. I used everything I learned in the Creative Live Design Surface Patterns From Scratch course with Bonnie Christine to make a little pattern for my sister and her new husband. I can't wait to make more!

13 November 2014


EATING  Grilled cheese. Comfort food on a cold day.
DRINKING  Water. Always.
PRACTICING  Patience with a 3 year old.
MASTERING  Babywearing.
LEARNING  Surface Pattern Design in Adobe Illustrator. (Check out this awesome class by Bonnie Christine.)
TRYING  To squeeze more hours out of my day.
PLAYING  Peek-a-boo like it's my job. Oh, yeah. It is.
FINISHING  Wedding clean up.
READING  The Attack by Yasmina Khadra
REMEMBERING  To sweep the floor. A monumental task for me.
WEARING  Thick, warm socks.
COOKING  A little better each day.
WORKING  On my bible study.
TRAVELING  Back and forth to school a lot these days.
WANTING  A dream kitchen.

Post inspired by Bleubird.